Our Story

Little girl playing with a wooden rainbow

We believe that creating meaningful experiences and building memories through play and learning is a wonderful way to help children grow.

That's why we curated a selection of wooden toys designed to expand growing minds, promote exploration, develop mental focus, and help children be present.

Our toys are affordable, durable, safe and above all, fun! 


Katie & Will - 1990

Katie & Will

Katie & Will is named after myself, Katarina, and my little brother, Will.

Even though we grew up in the 90s with plenty of toys, we loved playing with simple objects that allowed us to expand our imagination—things like building blocks and huge cardboard boxes!


About Katie & Will



My name is Katarina and I founded Katie & Will.

My business is Canadian and I work with international manufacturers to offer high-quality, responsibly-crafted toys at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy them.

Thank you so much for choosing to shop at Katie & Will ☮️